Thursday, June 2, 2011

The First 24

We are at the airport 5 hours early, so with all this time to kill and free wi-fi, a blog post is definitely warranted!
After a tearful goodbye to my parents yesterday, my journey with the Peace Corps officially began with orientation in D.C. I arrived to meet my wonderful and spunky roommate Ashton who hails from the great state of Kentucky and has the sweetest southern accent. She is a Water and Santitation Volunteer, so hopefully eventhough we are in different sectors, we can still hangout.
While we were told that the average group size is 40, my orientation group is 23 strong! So far, this size is great because I feel like I know everyone so well already. Almost everyone is in their early to mid-twenties, with our one "grandma" of the group as she called herself. It is great to be surrounded by people with similar goals, aspirations, and fears. We were all brought together by our shared dreams to fulfill the PC mission, and going through this experience together is going to bond us even futher.
After orientation, we all went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate our last night in the U.S. (and maybe to calm our nerves too). Today, we travelled to the clinic to get our yellow fever vaccinations and then arrived at Dulles which brings me to the present moment!
I have no idea when the next time I will be able to blog, so, until next time...
À bientôt


  1. Mom and Dad are happy you have a great bunch of friends good luck and be safe!!

  2. yayy!! so happy for you! don't forget your old roomies!!!